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5 Best Social Recruitment Practices

It’s official; the YouTube generation is growing up and hitting the pavement, or rather — a mobile device — to find their next dream job, one where they can spend all the time they want on social media, making digital platforms work for companies everywhere. Some recruiters are scratching their heads at this. Using social media as a vital part of the recruitment strategy is a relatively new concept, which can seem scary. But the truth is social isn’t scary, it’s powerful. For the first time ever, recruiters have the ability to start conversations and build relationships with a perfectly targeted potential pool of candidates. See? Powerful. 💪

The good news is harnessing this elusive power isn’t rocket science, it’s social science. And lucky for you, we’re the type of creative nerds that love to share our secrets. So here goes. Below you’ll find our top 5 social media recruiting practices you should start ASAP along with a Buzzword Cheat Sheet to help you find a digital marketing professional, and not an amateur.

Make a name for yourself.

We know. This is kind of obvious. But really, potential candidates are vetting you long before you get their resume. That’s why establishing your company identity on social is more important than ever. If you have a branded, cohesive look that potential candidates can easily recognize, you’re on the right track. Each company account should share a common look and feel in both images and message. This is your chance to tell your story. Make it fun or make it serious, just be sure to make it authentic. Because the applicants you attract will be reflected in the image you portray.

Get chatty.

Just like any offline relationship, it all starts with a conversation. Say hi, ask how people are doing, respond when someone asks you a question. Seem interested, seem human. Which should be easy, since ya know, you are. Serious job applicants will notice if you’re going the extra mile and that extra mile will give you social cred that is light-years ahead of your competitors.

But we get it, starting conversations can feel awkward at first. That’s why we recommend sticking to what you know. 80% of your content should inform, and engage your followers. Translation: Talk about yourself! What you do and why you’re the best at it. It’s called a humblebrag – it’s fine, everyone does it. The other 20% of your content is reserved for content that your applicants will like. There may come a time when you’re tempted to up that 20% to 30, 40 or even 50%. Resist this temptation. REPEAT. Resist this temptation. No one likes the friend that’s always asking for something. Don’t be THAT friend. Remember, relationships are a two-way street.

One more thing. Since it’s perceived as a direct line to a company, social is the go-to for many applicants with questions about open positions or future opportunities.  Don’t leave them hanging. Be sure to regularly check all of your social profiles including private and direct messages.

But not too chatty.     

You don’t talk if no one is listening (hopefully), so don’t post on social just for the sake of posting. Flooding your timeline with a crazy amount of content could have the opposite of your indented effect. Each message should be targeted toward a specific audience you’re trying to reach. Don’t just post a job application. Instead, post a message that would catch the eye of your ideal candidate. Don’t forget to include an image, preferably not a stock photo (Everyone can spot them a mile away. Everyone.) and a link to the job application.

Keep it simple.       

Nothing scares today’s applicants away like pages and pages of a digital application or gasp- a real, paper application. That’s why we recommend KISS: Keep It Simple –we’re not going to call you stupid, but we’re pretty sure you know what the last ‘S’ stands for.

Studies have shown the majority of social engagements happen via mobile devices. Which means the average candidate will not take the time and effort to fill out an entire job application on their phone. The solution is 3 words. One. Click. Apply. Indeed offers this user-friendly option and it’s proven to be a great tool for businesses and applicants alike. When the job seeker creates and saves their Indeed profile, they can auto-fill applications with the click of a button. Easy-peasy. Facebook is also getting in on the easy apply game and has recently come out with a new job feature that allows businesses to post jobs directly on Facebook.

If possible for your hiring process, give easy apply a try. You may be surprised how many applicants you get.

Spread your message.  

Reaching the active job seeker is easy. Post your job opportunity on Indeed, Craigslist or other job post websites and – boom! You instantly have the eyes and ears of people who are looking to change careers. The real trick is to attract the passive job seeker. That’s where Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram comes in. Use these platforms as your recruitment secret weapon. Post simple, conversational messages without being that ‘super sales-y’ friend we talked about before. Instagram is really making moves to establish itself as a platform for recruiting through its sponsored content spots. Use this to your advantage! Use these simple, engaging messages to hook the passive job seeker and intrigue them into applying.

Social moves fast, the trick is to keep up. If you’re up for the challenge, kudos to you! We wish you luck in your conversation starting, relationship building, recruiting to find the perfect candidate, journey.

If the speed of social is not your scene, no worries, we’ve got you. Set up a time with one of our social savvy team members to walk you through it.

Now that you have the insider’s tips on how to become a recruitment master on social, you’ll wanna make sure your candidates can talk the talk as well as you can. Don’t worry we took the guesswork out of that too. Click the button below to download our Buzzword Cheat Sheet.

Okay. Ready, set, recruit!


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