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5 Video Trends You Should Be Doing Now, Like Right Now

Video helps brands tell their story like no other medium. Video is moving, it’s personal, it’s even interactive at times. It is estimated that by 2020, 85 percent of all internet traffic in the United States will be video-based, according to a Cisco whitepaper.

That’s why video is an essential component in any social media marketing plan. Think of it as the chocolate in your chocolate chip cookie. The cookie part is great, but the chocolate chips really make it scrumptious, tempting you to take another bite. Your social marketing plan might be ok, but tantalizing video keeps your customers coming back for more. Before you grab your phone, note that there’s a right way, wrong way and a great way to use video.

Follow these five trends to help make your video marketing game great and the star of your social media.


1. Speak to your audience, not at them.

Going live is one of the best video marketing strategies you can implement. By using live video, you invite your audience to experience behind-the-scenes views and exclusive news. The connection is personal and genuine. Live videos give the feeling that you’re speaking to a friend, not a customer. Your customers are more likely to buy from a friend than from someone they don’t know or don’t feel like they know.

2. Tell a story.

Instagram stories are a tool you should be using frequently. The videos themselves are short-lived, which means they not only create a sense of urgency (don’t miss out!) but don’t stick around so your content always looks fresh. Plus Instagram has a whole bunch of cool features that make your video fun and engaging – which is the ultimate goal here. 

3. Shoot selfie-style videos.

This goes back to providing your audience a personalized experience and what’s more personal than you? Turn the camera around and let your audience see your face. Speaking directly to your audience forges a connection with them that resonates. It’s personal, authentic and easy. You literally just talk in the camera, share your message and done! 

4. Incorporate how-to videos.

How-to videos are the way we get things done now, whether it is baking a cake, adjusting the settings on our phones or even tackling a home improvement project. Giving your audience detailed instructions on how to use your products is gold. Keep it simple, keep it clear and make sure the videos can be accessed either on your website or YouTube page so your audience can reference and share them over and over.

5. Lend your video a voice.

Whether you speak over photo stills or moving video, voicing over your videos sets the mood and lends a human touch. We’re not all cinematographers who can create an effortlessly beautiful, seamless piece of video. Luckily there are enough apps and tools available to help us take snippets and photos and turn it into something great. Putting your voice behind it adds another level of intimacy and authenticity.

If you’d love to put these video trends into practice but don’t know where to start, we got you. We’re the best bakers in the business (if we do say so ourselves). Reach out through our website, email or call and we’ll help you put together something delicious.

Erin Sandage

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