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Ali Tells Us How It Is (for about 3 minutes)

 Every month, when it comes time for one of us to do our Team Spotlight, the process is pretty straightforward. We're given an enormous list of questions, and we're welcome to answer as many or as few of them as we feel comfortable/able/appropriately-caffeinated to handle. Then we turn it over to the graphics and copy gurus to arrange, highlight, and publish.

 We've done this often enough now to know that how our co-workers approach this process will tell us just as much about them as their answers to the questions. Take Ali, for example. As a Community Manager in our Sioux City office, she's been incredibly busy with our latest growth spurt. She's not one to wax poetic, unless it's on the ten topics below, and even then she's quick, if emphatic. After all, why answer 20 questions when 10 will do?aliblog.png

1. What is your favorite beverage?

Can I say mimosas? Because it's definitely mimosas.

2. Which flavor ice cream do you prefer?

Mint chocolate always. 

3. What's a TV show you'd like to be on?

I've already found love, but if that ever goes south, count me in for The Bachelor.

4. Do you have pets?

I have a CHILD, not a pet. He's a little orange kitty named Alvin and he's sooooo cute. (He has his own Instagram.)

5. Do you prefer mountainous or flat regions?

I grew up in Illinois, so I pretty much geek out when I even see the "hills" in Sioux City.

6. Do you prefer colored or white socks?

Fuzzy. The fuzzier the better.

7. Do you prefer to wear pants or dresses?

Pants, please. Preferably leggings.

8. When did you last visit the zoo?

A couple weeks ago, actually. I went to the Omaha Zoo. Word of advice: avoid the zoo in winter... very depressing place.

9. What's the one fashion accessory you like better than others?

I love huge scarves that cover my entire face. Clutch for Iowa winters.

10. Have you ever cut your own hair?

Please don't remind me. 

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