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Staying Human In The Digital World



Ironically, at times, it's become increasingly harder to try to stay personal and connect meaningfully with others. And when I say "ironically," I mean that in today's world we have SO many more ways to stay connected; via social media, email, cell phones, the internet, etc. Since 2020 threw us all for a loop, now more than ever, it's extremely important to try and stay "human" in the constantly changing world. For all of you sassy Karen's out there thinking, "What is being human exactly?" I feel like that in itself is a very philosophical, complicated, and long answer and for the sake of keeping your interest and this in blog-style format, let's focus on the business side of this question. 👩🏼‍💼

It's easy for businesses of all sizes to get caught up in all of the marketing and sales tactics and strategies available that can come across as automatic. Don't get me wrong; as a marketing professional, technology and automation has made my life so much fun and better! However, my journey as a marketing professional and as a professional consumer has taught me not to let the "human" aspect get lost along the way. Think back to the very beginning; every company started with a HUMAN need or want.

Below are 5 tips to help you remember you’re trying to resonate and connect with humans, not just a social media user, email address, or sets of eyes on the other side of the screen.


  1. Pick up the phone and check-in. This is to all my other account managers, project managers, salespeople, or really anyone who has co-workers. Stop typing. Pick up your phone and check in on a client you haven't heard from for a little while or a co-worker who's been distant lately. 2020 brought everyone challenges. Rather than immediately jumping into what you need, first, ask how they have been doing. And not the "Hi, how are you" and then "Good, you?" Midwest thing. Instead, ask about something specific or a topic you know they are personally interested in. It's a nice break from the craziness and shows you care.

  2. Create specific creative and target audiences. Calling my inner Ad Strategist here! More than likely, the company you are working with or for is not targeting the ENTIRE world. Try to get as specific as possible to who you want to be a consumer of your product or service. Do some digging on who those people are, where they are, and what they like. Then, hop into the Ads Manager and plug in those specific demographics and personality characteristics to find your people and like-minded people. Whether we consciously know it or not, we buy products and services we relate to and that feel personal to us.

  3. Send a personalized note or gift. I don’t know about y’all, but I love getting hand-written notes. Yeah, they may only really be from my grandma, but she deserves a shout out because she’s known for a long time how much those can have an impact! Send a thoughtful note or special gift to let co-workers, clients, or consumers know that you are thinking and care about them!

  4. Keep your CRM, lists, and inbox updated. Full inboxes give me anxiety and I know I'm not the only one. Take some time each day to organize your email or CRM lists. If you keep up with it, it will take you less than ten minutes a day, literally. TIP! Add in and update some personal notes to help you remember some unique things about each of your customers. For example, note if they recently got engaged, have kids, or are involved/interested in certain group, clubs, or sports. It seems like a total cheat sheet, but reminders never hurt anyone! Sometimes it’s just as important to get to know your customer’s as much as their business. 

  5. Be understanding and empathic. Things happen, like ya know, 2020!! Be human, don't be afraid to make mistakes but learn and grow from them! Put yourself in others’ shoes and think about how things affect them. Be kind, because it’s easy and costs nothing! But most importantly, be you and best the best you, you can be! The world needs it and will be a better place. It’s always good to keep all that into perspective if receive a negative review or comment or have to have a hard conversation with a customer. But most importantly, be you and best the best you, you can be! The world needs it and will be a better place

Peace, love and happiness. Until next time if they ever let me write a blog again. 😁


Kaci Young

Kaci gets to live out her passion for helping people every day by being our awesome Clients’ go-to partner and expert in all things creative and social. She loves the opportunity to step away from the screen for a little bit and get out and catch up with her teammates and Clients in person at a local coffee shop. Her other passions include many things from walking her dog Rudy to doing crazy adrenaline pumping things like skydiving.