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2021 was filled with marketing campaigns that had us wondering why we didn’t think of that, and some that flopped like these ones. There’s a lot that goes into a marketing campaign from brainstorming to planning, implementing to monitoring and then evaluating once it's complete. Our team compiled their favorites from this past year which hopefully you’ll be able to draw inspiration from.

BETH - Burger King's TikTok Ad

“I'm not a huge Burger King customer but I thought they did a good job of carrying over a TikTok trend to a more traditional advertising platform (television). This is a good example of how to appeal to different audiences with one message. You could still understand the commercial if you weren't on TikTok, but it was also a wink and nod to those that understood the trend.”



CHRIS - SeatGeek Talking Butts
There’s not much we need to say about this one.



ALLISONProgressive Insurance's Dr. Rick

“I REALLY love the Progressive unbecoming your parents campaign. They're so funny and relatable - plus I love mockumentary style. So this is right up my alley. These are some of the few commercials that I actually look forward to seeing. As in, I will stop whatever I'm doing, and watch with a dorky grin on my face. I've talked to a few different friends, and clients and everyone seems to feel the same - Progressive nailed it.”


CODY - HBO Max Same-Day Premiers

“HBO Max bringing same-day premieres out simultaneously with theatres was an awesome addition. They had a lot of advertisements for it and it was used as a selling point for people to subscribe to HBO Max. Plus, it made sense with coronavirus, without it being one of those vague "It's been a tough year" style ads. As a pre-covid frequent moviegoer, it was nice to still be able to watch some new films without having to worry about the risks involved with going to the theatre."Picture1


AUSTIN - Gunner Kennels

“I've been really loving the content Gunner Kennels has been publishing. They do a really great job of staying close to their customers and creating messages that are ultra-relevant. This is a brand that makes a really tough dog kennel and uses the hashtag #MansBestKennel very boldly, paired with a TON of user-generated content and really amazing photography.

This year, Gunner Kennels released a new set of kennels as part of their Flyway series, a collection of kennel colors based on various flyways around the country. They also have a series called, " GUNNER ROAD WARRIORS," that tells the stories of dogs who survive serious traffic collisions with the help of Gunner Kennels. I don't even have a dog, but I'm convinced that if I ever do, I wouldn't want my dog to travel without one of these kennels.”


So there you have it, the campaigns that stopped us in our tracks in 2021.  Leveraging various social media platforms, speaking in a relatable way and incorporating some talking butts might just be the way to get your campaigns in our top five in the year 2022. 

Gabby Evans

Gabby comes from small-town Iowa with a passion for good conversation and a strong cup of coffee. She brings a unique background in sales and marketing and thrives at connecting with other humans and sharing their stories. With a “student first” mindset she’s always looking to master new skills and expand her creative knowledge.