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The Top 5 Secrets We Use To Get New Clients

The Answer May Surprise You

As a marketing agency, people ask all the time how we get new clients. Without going into the platforms or strategies we use here at Chatterkick, here are the basics. These concepts are simple and can carry your business far. However, the ball is in your court to do them, commit, and follow through.

The top 5 secrets we use to get new clients

1. Be Nice

We truly believe that people are good. However, one of the most surprising things we've learned since starting this business is how many times we have a competitive advantage because we respond to emails, treat people with respect and create relationships. Be kind to your current clients because a positive atmosphere is healthy and could be rewarding. Being kind, it's a simple concept but often overlooked.

2. Offer A Hand

This one may be obvious but offering help to someone when they need it most is a great way to earn credibility and respect from potential clients.

3. Give Free Advice

We are a huge advocate for giving advice to clients and potential clients. Free advice is different than consulting (which we also do). People have done it for us, and it's not forgotten when the time comes and we may need their services. Even though we do direct consulting, there is a difference between general advice and tailored strategic opportunity placement. Giving away free advice can show expertise and establish credibility, so finding the balance of what "secrets" to keep for consulting is up to you.

4. Make Friends

The best piece of advice Beth has learned from working at the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce is there are no bad connections when it comes to business. You never know who someone is connected to and who their friends may be connected to. Grab coffee, ask questions and be genuinely interested in conversations at networking events.

5. Be Fully Committed To Your Current Clients

Your current clients are your best advocates. They are who you have RIGHT now, so focus on them fully and give them 100 percent. Work hard to make their efforts successful and everyone wins.

So there you go, five basic tools to help get your business new clients. Remember, because these tips are simple means they also can be overlooked very easily. Work to always keep them in mind.


Beth Trejo

As the Founder & CEO of Chatterkick I live and breathe all things online. It’s my goal to offer real-world practical solutions to businesses and leaders throughout the community. Although many consider my strengths in technology, I’m still a firm believer in a good ol’ fashioned handshake.