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These 3 Facebook Tips Are On The Nice List. Are You?

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Congratulations, you made it! Well, sort of. It’s down to single digits on the Christmas countdown, and you are in the home stretch. For all of you marketing elves who have been sleeping, eating and breathing your company’s Christmas promotions, I’m sure the big day can’t come soon enough. And that’s why I’m happy to present you with an early gift because I would hate to steal any of the big guy’s thunder on the 25th. ;) Here are my three last minute holiday marketing tips that give you results well into the New Year. So you can, you know, relax a little.

  1. Get real. Literally.
    If you haven’t tried Facebook Live, now’s the time to jump on that sleigh. It’s a great way to tell your brand’s story, share an exclusive promotion or even give a behind-the-scenes peek--and it’s not as scary as it seems, I promise. Going Live gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience and see their reactions in real time. Once you end the live feed, it’s automatically posted to your timeline. That way your fans can still see the action, even if they missed the actual live video. The potential with Facebook Live is only limited to your imagination, but you’ll never know how successful it can be unless you try it. So try it!

  2. Give carousel ads a whirl.
    Since we’re mittens deep into the holiday season, it can be hard to determine which of your last minute promotions to focus on. Carousel ads make that decision a little easier because you can include up to 10 images or videos in one ad. (Translation: more bang for your buck). Each image can have its own headline, subtext, and link directing your customers to individual products or services. They’re also a fun way to feature a step-by-step project or recipe.

  3. Get creative with Canvas.
    It’s no secret around the office that I have a special place in my heart for Canvas ads. It’s because they’re SO COOL! A Canvas is pretty much a custom-made mini-website that is connected to Facebook via a web click portal. This immersion ad allows you to tell more of your story through the combined use of linkable images, tilt to pan photos, videos, carousels, buttons, and text. You can have as many elements as you’d like and in any combination you’d like. The ad results even have a metric that shows you the average number of seconds users spent in the canvas and the percentage of the total canvas viewed. What did I tell you? Cool, right?

These three elements will not only save you time and energy during the holidays (when we all need more of both) but are great things to implement in the new year. It is the season of giving, after all. Speaking of which, I need to finish my shopping…Need more tips? I’ve got plenty where these came from. Just give me a jingle at (712) 274-3786 or Allison@chatterkick.com.

Allison Gates

When graphics are worth more than a thousand words, chances are, Allison Gates had something to do with it. Her background in newspaper and digital marketing drives client campaigns into the visual arena, where they drive consumers to click, watch, and engage.