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Your Online Presence Is A Hot Mess. Why Graphic Design Matters More Than You Think.

Business owners often have so much on their plate, the need for graphic design and branding for their company can end up on the backburner for far too long. However, it’s crucial to remember that incorporating high quality graphic design -- from your logo to business cards, social media pages, and more -- is an essential step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business and online presence.

Why is graphic design so important? Without it, there would be no visual marketing or advertising. Graphic design is, specifically, the combination of images with text to produce some form of visual communication. These days, having a skilled graphic designer on your side is more important than ever, since advertising has reached beyond just the print realm and onto the web and mobile. Everywhere you look, there’s something that has been created by a graphic designer -- usually with the purpose of selling a product or service -- making it more important than ever to stand out when it comes to your own business.

So specifically, how is good graphic design effective? By providing the five following points of value:

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Graphic design gives your company a face, especially when it comes to new companies, or rebranding an existing one. Choose that face wisely. Good, consistent design should promote brand recognition and help your audience form a relationship with you based on your visuals.

Professional design work can immediately convey a sense of trustworthiness and expertise; let graphic design tell your company’s story. Good graphic design also helps communicate ideas more efficiently across all of your business efforts, internally and client-facing. Ideally, your graphics should appeal to your target audience and help to increase your profits.

Poorly designed graphics (or none at all!) can certainly have a negative impact on business productivity and sales. Incorporating appropriate, high quality graphic design can improve every aspect of your business. Remember the five points above that highlight just how much well-crafted graphic design can bring to your company.

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