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Are Phone Books Dead?

The other day we received a phone book sample in the mail. Maybe its not even called a sample, maybe this is the actual phone book size, but either way it was a smaller version of those giant books that many of us know. After debating whether to recycle or to throw in our drawer I decided to keep it. Thinking about it more and in my attempt to get rid of the clutter in my house, I realized I haven't used the other three (yes three) phone books we have in our drawer and it really is unnecessary, at least for our family.

If I need to know a phone number for a friend, I'll check on my phone or Facebook and if I need to contact a store, I'll just Google it and call them directly from their Google listing or find the information online. I may be more comfortable with technology than others, but I don't think I'm unique in the fact that many people just don't use phone books any longer. Many of my friends and family, even those that live in rural settings have gotten rid of their land-lines and rely on their cell phones for important calls.

I want to hear from you? Do you use a hard-copy phone book?

Do you use a hard-copy phone book?

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-Beth Trejo

Beth Trejo

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