on April 25, 2019 Social Media Internship

Confessions Of A Chatterkick Intern: Told By Paige Rodawig


Meet Paige Rodawig!

Paige Rodawig is officially graduating! Paige set a high bar for interns with her attention to detail and excitement about what’s new in social media. Not to mention her exciting energy and fun personality which injected some awesome vibes in the office.We're excited to see what the future brings this Morningside College graduate. As her Chatterkick internship comes to a close, we're asking her to spill the tea.


What’s Your Favorite Thing About Working At Chatterkick?

THE PEOPLE. The people who work here are the reason Chatterkick is the way it is in my opinion. Everyone is so different, but that is what makes them so fun to be around. In a room of mothers, fathers, students, and young adults in general, everyone has a good time. Being able to share stories with my coworkers has been something I’ll cherish moving forward. I really felt like I was apart of a team, and that I mattered at Chatterkick. 


Describe Chatterkick’s Culture.

Chatterkick’s culture is my favorite thing about the company. The environment is very welcoming and laid back. People don’t mind you speaking up and asking about their day, and that is something I really enjoy about working here. I am a very outgoing person who likes to be around other people, and while working here I felt like I was hanging out with people while also getting things done. Working here in the summer is my favorite because the vibe is so relaxing. When it is warm out, we open the garage door, have music in the background and whistle while we work. These things made me excited to go back the next day.


Tell Us Your Absolute Favorite Project!

My favorite projects are the times when I was doing work outside of work (I know, it sounds weird). I’ll never forget the day I walked into work and Allison was in town. She came up to me and asked if my nails were done, and they were. She then told me I would be taking photos for a client here in town to promote their jewelry! We had so much fun and I loved that I was doing something outside of my comfort zone.


What's Your To-Go Lunch Spot?

This question is sentimental because my favorite place to go for lunch is a taco restaurant around the corner from Chatterkick called El Guero. They have the BEST tacos! The story behind this is that my first week working here, Kelsey and Kristy wanted to take me to lunch and decided to go get tacos. I had never been there and was really nervous I wouldn’t like it. Little did I know this would become my favorite place in my hometown. I ended up going there more than I needed to. Kristy, Kelsey, and the rest of the gang took me to El Guero one more time on my last day. I will always remember my first time at El Guero.


Word On The Street Is You Have A Work Playlist. Share Your Tracks!

Yes! I do indeed have a work playlist. The reason behind this is because every so often we would switch who would be in charge of playing music. When it became my part I wasn’t sure what to play and if my coworkers would like the same style of music as I do, so I created a playlist! Here are some tracks you would find on my playlist:

  • Southern Nights by Glen Campbell
  • Brandy by Looking Glass
  • New Light by John Mayer
  • Ants Marching by Dave Matthews Band
  • Fast Car by Jonas Blue
  • Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man
  • Still Feel Like Your Man by John Mayer
  • Big Yellow Taxi by Counting Crows
  • Real World by Matchbox Twenty
  • Pinch Me by Barenaked Ladies
  • Ok, It’s Alright With Me by Eric Hutchinson
  • You Don’t Know Me by Ben Folds
  • Better Than by John Butler Trio
  • Your Love by The Outfield
  • Gone, Gone, Gone by Phillip Phillips
  • 1901 by Phoenix
  • Feels by Calvin Harris
  • Kids by MGMT

These are a few of my favorites from the playlist. There were more so if you’re looking for a great playlist, hit me up!


Who Had The Biggest Impact On Your Chatterkick Journey?

The individual who had the biggest impact on my journey here at Chatterkick was Lindsay Weyer. She was someone who always had time for me and answered the millions of questions I had daily. I really appreciated her and the time I had with her. I think I was as successful as I was because I had someone who really wanted to help me grow! We talked every day and made sure our communication was clear and nothing got lost during our busy days. I say the key to being successful is surrounding yourself with successful and happy people.


What Interested You The Most Or Something You Discovered More Passion For?

Something I gained more passion for were the ins and outs of social media in general. I know the answer does not sound very exciting, but learning about moderation and outreach was really interesting to me. I never realized the amount of time and effort it took to make content on social media. I also really loved learning about moderation and taking on the tone of each client I was working with.


Knowing What You Know Now, What Advice Would You Give Your 1st Week  Chatterkick Self?

My advice to my 1st week at Chatterkick self would be to relax. Working at Chatterkick as an Implementation Intern was my first real job. I was very nervous about the professional setting and making sure I didn’t make mistakes. However, this was something I soon found out I shouldn’t be afraid of. I also would tell myself to take more notes, and ask as many questions as possible. The people who work here want to see you succeed, and will answer anything they can!

Kelsey Martin

Kelsey Martin, our Chief Operations Officer, is a Chatterkick OG with a passion for social advertising that most would describe as complete infatuation. She knows first hand that good content is only effective if it can get in front of the right people at the right time, and her experience in analytics, social media advertising, and impactful design ensures it all turns together like a well-oiled machine. Vroom.