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Why Boosted Posts Won't Boost Your Revenue


Is your business spending hundreds of dollars a month randomly “boosting" posts on Facebook? Often companies will boost a post promoting a product or event on Facebook with the results showing a minuscule ROI. These tips will help you become a smarter Facebook digital marketer!   

Establishing An Ad Goal

Creating a goal and a way to measure success is the first step to a successful Facebook advertising campaign. You must start by identifying the type of Facebook ad that fits your goal.  For example, brand awareness, clicks to your website, event response, lead generation, and website conversions are all ad objectives in Facebook ads (Business Manager). 

Measuring Success

Once you choose an ad type that will help you reach your goal, do some research on designing the ad to be successful.  Each type of ad objective will have ways of measuring success such as new leads, increase sales volume and growth in audience size (Likes, Shares, Followers).  

Plan for Success

A social platform content calendar is designed to make sure your posts are consistent and work to meet ad goals for the week, month, quarter or year.  The content calendar will establish how many times you will post, when you post and what types of posts will go out.  I like to see three to four posts per week: timely content, company culture post, link to a blog, or a video.    

Use this information to design a successful, measurable Facebook advertising campaign.  Don’t be tempted by the boost button.   

My name is Mike Menke; I’m the Director of Business Development at Chatterkick.   We are a digital agency that helps businesses that don't have the time to execute their social media or do not have the technical experience.  

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