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The Reel Deal

THE REEL DEAL - How Facebook is embracing new trends to expand its audience, and why it’s a platform of choice for promoting your brand.   MYTH: The s...

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ROI + Other Acronyms For Digital Campaigns

ROI + Other Acronyms For Digital Campaigns  "Anything worth doing is worth doing well." I love that quote, but how do you know if something is worth d...

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Clicking for a Cure: Social’s Positive Impact on a Personal Story

Here at Chatterkick, we host an array of clients, each eager to improve the efficiency of their business’s social media. Whether it’s a local store wi...

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3 Free Tips to Evaluate Your Digital Recruitment Skills

  Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part Three Ok, you sold me. What are ways I can implement a digital recruitment campaign?  

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Social Media Recruitment ROI and Why Top Organizations are All-In

     Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part Two  Now that you know the basics about digital recruitment, it’s time to talk shop. If you...

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Digital Recruitment: How To Connect Social Media To Real HR Results

  Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part One  “Digital Recruitment” is the latest buzz phrase circulating the interwebs, and we thought...

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The Facebook Safety Check At Work In Baton Rouge

  The Facebook Safety Check is a system that Facebook has put in place to allow users to mark themselves safe during emergency or crisis situations. F...

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Why Boosted Posts Won't Boost Your Revenue

Is your business spending hundreds of dollars a month randomly “boosting" posts on Facebook? Often companies will boost a post promoting a product or ...

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How Art and Science Combine with Promoted Pins

INTRODUCTION: By now, we all know what Pinterest is. We’ve all been lured in by visual discoveries, collecting beautiful pictures of our hopes, dreams...

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Tricks and Tips for 2015 Social Media Images

We've always known that social media is image-conscious. And now, with the explosion of video, infographics, and high-resolution images, it's even mor...


The Quick-Start Guide to Find (And Keeping) Your Audience on Facebook

Find 'em, go get 'em, keep 'em.  Social media has revolutionized the way that we find and communicate with loyal and potential customers. It’s never b...

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Think Your Local Target Demographic Isn't On Facebook? Think Again.

Sioux City Metro, listen up.  Did you know that in the Sioux City metro area, there are roughly 70,000 to 80,000 ACTIVE monthly users on Facebook. Tha...