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3 Free Tips to Evaluate Your Digital Recruitment Skills


Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part Three

Ok, you sold me. What are ways I can implement a digital recruitment campaign?


For one, start beefing up your content, whether it’s by improving the quality of your copy and imagery on social media platforms or creating a web content geared specifically toward your company culture, recruitment efforts, and job openings.

1. Start a blog 

Answering questions about your organization through a blog post gives potential candidates an inside peek into company culture. Work-related blog posts might include communicating the organization's work environment, benefits, potential employee growth, typical work day and billet opportunities. Blogging allows people within the organization tell their stories within the framework of the organization, which helps prospective candidates gauge if the culture is a good fit.  

2. Show more than you tell

For the record, while to the point, content for social does not have to be a post that says “Now Hiring!”. Posting content that is shareable and engaging will help build relationships with your candidate audience. The idea is to engage the audience and trigger them to reach out to you. Use social posts--animations, GIFs, live videos, and testimonials--to drive the audience to your careers page to learn more about current opportunities.

3. Quality company career pages convert  

 A company careers page must be as engaging and compelling as the social content that attracted the potential candidate there in the first place. Showcasing the culture through videos, pictures, testimonials, and blogs on the careers page will convince like-minded applicants to start the application process.  

Want an example of a great careers page? (Ahem).

 Careers Page

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