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Digital Recruitment: How To Connect Social Media To Real HR Results


Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part One 

“Digital Recruitment” is the latest buzz phrase circulating the interwebs, and we thought it was high time we unpacked what is virtually revolutionizing human resources.


Before the internet and social media, HR departments have had to perform the arduous tasks of attracting, engaging, retaining and developing employees in person, over the phone, on paper, and in meetings. While some of those methods are still an important part of the job, there are many ways in which web-based technology and social platforms can streamline and maximize a company’s ability to attract, qualify, captivate and retain candidates. Think of a digital recruitment campaign like a virtual employee who works around the clock to promote, recruit, engage, and speak for your company.

On average, it takes 27 days to hire a new employee from start to finish. On average, most companies need qualified talent...yesterday. That means it takes a month (or at least a February) to find a candidate, interview, offer, accept, and onboard.

Does your company have that much time?

The short answer is: probably not. The better answer is: yes, because you have a system in place that continually funnels ideal candidates through your hiring process. And that process is a solid digital recruiting strategy.

The ultimate goal of digital recruitment is to create the perfect team of talented candidates for your business. But to win that endgame, you first have to find those candidates; in order to find, you have to engage, and in order to engage, you have to attract, and in order to attract, you have to talk about your company, your goals, and your positions in a voice they find compelling, using words they find interesting, in a space where they will find you. That space is usually social media.

The takeaway: Digital Recrutiment is worth figuring out

To put it simply, the best digital recruitment campaigns start with a strong, identifiable company culture. It’s the basic recognition that people—candidates, managers, human resource personnel—are still people. Your first goal isn’t to rush out and wave your arms in front of every job seeker. Your first goal is to create a company culture and company story that people can’t wait to be a part of.

Jobs may not have changed much in the last 10 years, but the way we look for them and fill them certainly has. The trick is to remember that recruiting is not so different than selling, and it should be an important part of your overall marketing strategy, both on and off-line. As with products and services companies that fail to foster quality will often find themselves without.

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