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It's a Video World - AND WE'RE LIVING IN IT

IT'S A VIDEO WORLD - AND WE'RE LIVING IN IT Let me start by saying I’m no influencer and I don’t post Reels on a daily basis like the algorithm wants ...

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Digital Recruitment: How To Connect Social Media To Real HR Results

Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part One “Digital Recruitment” is the latest buzz phrase circulating the interwebs, and we thought it...

Social Media Instagram Competitor Analysis

Want to win at social? Keep up with the Kardashians.

Let me start off by saying this; EVERYONE is competitive. Even if you aren't into sports and you don't want to flip the table every time you lose in A...

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Tricks and Tips for 2015 Social Media Images

We've always known that social media is image-conscious. And now, with the explosion of video, infographics, and high-resolution images, it's even mor...


The Instagram Diaries: What It Is and What It Is Not

Understand the 'gram. Though Instagram may have started out as a repository for pretty pictures and hip filters, the value of the platform is rising d...