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Why Your Mama Wants You to Watch TV

Do it for the sake of social.

Ah, television. When you were kid, TV was probably enemy number one of your moms. Simply because when you were suppose to be doing something productive, you were instead glued to the tube. We're here to say sorry mama, but some of us still haven't kicked the habit. Yes, we're grown up now and still appreciate a good TV show on a Monday night or Tuesday night when we get off work and finish being productive. 

At Chatterkick, we just like the rest of the world love our TV shows. There are many days you can't shut us up about who went home on The Voice or who should go home on The Bachelor. We love the telly almost as much as we love social, almost. If there's one thing we've noticed between the two is that a lot can be learned from TV when it comes to, our first love, social media.

Scandal the TV show 

Take for instance, ABC's hit show Scandal. Now, there's a certain somebody on our staff (ahem, Beth) who is obsessed with it and made some connections between the show and social. In the blog, "10 Lessons ABC's Scandal Teaches Us About Social Media", we explain exactly how Olivia Pope and the show can teach us a few things on how to be a force to be reckoned with on social. Here's a snippet of those lessons:

  1. Timing is everything: Just like in every episode of Scandal, there is always a crisis, whether it’s personal, a corporate deadline, a snowstorm, a flu epidemic, or preserving the public images of the nation’s elite. Sometimes crisis is a good thing, especially if it has people talking. Spin it like you mean it, and find a way to make it boast (instead of roast) your brand. 
  2. Assume the world is always watching: This includes your grandmother. Or your children. Or Huck. What you put out there is what the world will get, so make sure you are clear, positive, and promoting what you and your brand believe in.
  3. Go your own way: While it’s always important to stay connected to your customers, stay true to your brand and your voice. Olivia Pope carves out her own career, makes her own rules for success, and keeps looking forward. So should you.
  4. White hats are always in style. The view from the high road is always better—and the footing more solid—than low road, black hat approaches. Any short-term gains you could get with black-hat practices will only serve as the demons that will haunt you going forward. Keep it clean, organic, and honest, and you’ll never have to look back.
  5. Always leave them wanting. In an ideal world, your customers are always clamoring for what you’ll come up with next. Every once in a while, leave them with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger. A hint at a huge sale, giveaway, new product reveal, or company announcement. And then deliver.

See? Scandal is truly a gem. Who would have thought the show could make these connections? You can read the full list of lessons here on iMedia. Also, Chatterkick has so pretty stellar and helpful blogs that you can read up on here

So next time when you're cozing up in front of the TV watching your show, just think, some of them can in fact teach you a thing or two about social. 

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