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You've Got Spam: Now what!

In the previous post, I had mentioned the risks and viral garbage that are out on the web, social media included. The best thing you can do is to limi...

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Avoid Facebook Scams: Think before you click.

We've all see it at one time or another. Can you believe what this girl did to her parents? Win free plane tickets by clicking here! What's your birth...

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Timeline for Facebook Business- Should You Make the Switch?

Short Answer. No, at least not yet. We had heard the transition to Facebook Timeline for Business Pages was scheduled to be released yesterday, but

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What did you pin last night?

We get asked daily what the newest trend in Social Media is today? All of us here at Chatterkick will answer the same thing today - - Pinterest!

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Meet Chatterkick

What exactly is a Chatterkick? Take one part ninja ..wait make that two parts ninja and one part 1950's grocery store owner. We are serious tech exper...