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8 Audience Building Tricks You Wish You Knew Before

There are over 2 billion active users on social media every day. Platforms like Facebook are aggressively developing powerful advertising tools to hel...

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Digital Recruiting 101: How To Keep Employees Engaged Before, During, and After Hiring

Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part Five Social Media FAQs: The Down and Dirty Details of Digital Recruitment We’ve covered a lot of...

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Digital Recruitment: How To Connect Social Media To Real HR Results

Digital Recruitment Never Stops Working for You: Part One “Digital Recruitment” is the latest buzz phrase circulating the interwebs, and we thought it...

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The Chatterkick Social Influencer Program Is Here

It has been proven time and time again that the #youths are always three steps ahead of us when it comes to social. They’re on the brink of which apps...

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Why Boosted Posts Won't Boost Your Revenue

Is your business spending hundreds of dollars a month randomly “boosting" posts on Facebook? Often companies will boost a post promoting a product or ...