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6 Reasons to Celebrate 6 Years

Time flies when you're having fun. We know that's true because the last 6 years at Chatterkick have gone by at record speed. There's so much to celebr...

Graphic Design

Keys To Create Brand Guidelines

Whether it is a 100-page bible, or four-page handout, brand guidelines set down the “rules” for your brand. This includes logos, colors, typography an...

Digital Strategy

8 Minutes of Insight: Chatterkick's CEO Talks SEO

How do I make my website appear in search engines? This is probably one of the most frequently asked questions we get at Chatterkick. Today, I am goin...

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5 Best Social Recruitment Practices

It’s official; the YouTube generation is growing up and hitting the pavement, or rather — a mobile device — to find their next dream job, one where th...

Social Recruitment Digital Recruitment

Recruitment Red Flags You Need To Know

Over the past several years savvy hiring managers have made a new best friend. First name, Social, last name, Media and here’s why: As of December 201...

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Chatterkick #14 In The List Of 50 Best Small Companies To Work For Of 2017

For the second time in one week Chatterkick, a social media agency with offices in Sioux City, IA, and Baton Rouge, LA, was presented with an award re...

Chatterkick Team Social Media Agency

Chatterkick Makes The List Of Best 25 Companies For Women

Compiled by Comparably and featured in USA Today.

Social Media Agency Baton Rouge Baton Rouge Social Media Agency

Chatterkick Baton Rouge Year-One Recap

After a year, the growing pains are subsiding and Chatterkick has found its footing in Baton Rouge!

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Best Photo Editing Apps For Your Iphone

Let’s Get Into It:  As a content creator working in the marketing field, the most common questions I get from friends and family is “How to I get the ...

Creating An Irresistible LinkedIn Profile

What does a private school, non-profit organization, and a construction company have in common? They were all participants of the Baton Rouge LinkedIn...

Social Media Social Media Advertising Social Media Tips

Turn Social Media into your favorite around-the-clock employee with these 7 tips!

Know your target audience Know the people buying your product. Understanding your audience is the first and most crucial step to starting your social ...

Social Media Twitter Working in Social Media Kanye West

Working In Social Media, As Told By Kanye West Tweets

When you’re deep in a client project and a coworker asks what you’re doing this weekend.