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Get To Know Kristy: Your Next Karaoke Partner

Kristy Plucker is Chatterkick’s “Jill of All Trades.” She is technically our administration and recruiting manager, but she can jump in and help out a...

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Confessions Of A Chatterkick Intern: Told By Paige Rodawig

Meet Paige Rodawig! Paige Rodawig is officially graduating! Paige set a high bar for interns with her attention to detail and excitement about what’s ...

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16 Career Tips I Wish Someone Had Told Me In My Twenties

Good advice is worth its weight in gold. Think about all the gems your mother, father, teachers and employers have told you over the years and how the...

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I Signed the Proposal, Now What? What to expect when you start working with Chatterkick.

Hooray! Huzzah! You have just come on board as a new Chatterkick client. You’re ready to put a personalized social strategy to work that will deliver ...

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5 Video Trends You Should Be Doing Now, Like Right Now

Video helps brands tell their story like no other medium. Video is moving, it’s personal, it’s even interactive at times. It is estimated that by 2020...

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Squarespace vs. WordPress: Which Should You Choose?

Over the years we’ve helped build a LOT of websites using a whole bunch of different awesome platforms (ouch, my eyes still haven’t adjusted from buil...

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Get To Know Cody: Ask Nicely and Maybe He’ll Change Your Flat Tire

Cody Maymon is one of Chatterkick’s uber-talented visual content strategists, i.e. graphic designer, i.e. creative genius. Cody designs awesome conten...

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How To Stand Out As A Social Media Intern

Your friends are judging you for freaking out so much about this interview. “They're just going to ask you how many followers you have, right? All you...

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How Do I Buy A New Website?: Questions To Answer BEFORE You Get Started

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is, “I need a new website, where do I start?” Companies know they need a good website their customers ca...

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10 Ways to Bring Your Business to Life on Social Media

Red rover, red rover, let Authenticity come over! The time of formal, polished pitches and one-way communciation channels with customers is long behin...

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Social Recruiting: Put Your Money Where Your Applicants Are

It’s inevitable, at some point when creating your social recruitment plan a question will pop up. You know the one, the “Exactly how much is this goin...

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10 Things My Social Media Internship Taught Me That College Couldn’t

The advertising Padawan often has two choices to continue their career: account management, or graphic design… but rarely the social media internship.