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Get To Know Cody: Ask Nicely and Maybe He’ll Change Your Flat Tire

Cody Maymon is one of Chatterkick’s uber-talented visual content strategists, i.e. graphic designer, i.e. creative genius. Cody designs awesome conten...

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Chatterkick #14 In The List Of 50 Best Small Companies To Work For Of 2017

For the second time in one week Chatterkick, a social media agency with offices in Sioux City, IA, and Baton Rouge, LA, was presented with an award re...

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Chatterkick Makes The List Of Best 25 Companies For Women

Compiled by Comparably and featured in USA Today.

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Happy Birthday, Beth!

 We recently celebrated Chatterkick's birthday, but today is our CEO Beth Trejo's big day. We know and love her, and now it's your turn to learn more ...

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Ali Tells Us How It Is (for about 3 minutes)

 Every month, when it comes time for one of us to do our Team Spotlight, the process is pretty straightforward. We're given an enormous list of questi...

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These 3 Facebook Tips Are On The Nice List. Are You?

Congratulations, you made it! Well, sort of. It’s down to single digits on the Christmas countdown, and you are in the home stretch. For all of you ma...

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Meet Kacey In Just Over 500 Words

Kacey Ma, our fearless copywriter, is always putting words in our mouth. Here's your chance to learn more about the woman behind the mighty pen (or ke...

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Meet Molly: 21 Questions, 21 Answers, And One Very Strong Opinion About Spicy Food.

Molly Ward, our one-and-only Social Traffic Controller, wears many hats in her position, from proofreader to brainstormer to mustache sticker distribu...

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Learn Everything You Need To Know About Lauren In 3 Minutes.

Our Community Manager who spends her free time scoping out vanity plates and living large, left-handed Lauren gets real about chocolate, ice, and larg...

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Taylor Answers 15 Questions In Full Fashion.

Our Visual Content Manager takes a few minutes between photo shoots, video editing, and sound-splicing to give us a little more insight as to what mak...

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Shannon Answers 20 Questions While Stache Supervises.

We pummeled Shannon Wynn, our Web Developer / Resident Superhero, with 20 random questions to learn more about this Virginia-turned-Florida native. We...

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Plz Explain: Chatterkick Social Media Residency

I’ve been called a lot of things in my life– daughter, sister, the human version of the 100 emoji, etc. Around Chatterkick, I’m called a Social Media ...